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 Ink/OG Clan Rules!

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PostSubject: Ink/OG Clan Rules!   Wed Aug 06, 2008 2:18 pm

The Rules

Profanity Is Allowed Just Watch Out How U Use It.

Porn or any obscene pictures of any type on this forum will result in
immediate banning of your name. Also, no links to porn either it could
have the whole site deleted.
No links to any unnecessary sites allowed. First time is a warning in your inbox
and the second time will result with you being banned from the forum

No spamming or posting anything that does not follow the topic you are
replying to or i will simply delete the post. That also means no
unnecessary posts that have nothing to do with the topic or forum. Also,
if you keep spamming your posting will be disabled for a week. (If
this keeps happening i will ban you.

DO NOT put down any fellow ink members in anyway. this means no harrassing
them or saying that they ****. If they aren't as good as you would
like, don't complain about it. Try teaching them some new moves, hand
them some tips, or simply have them request me to train them. That's
what i'm here for.

BE active on the forum AND on SFO! being on the forum and not playing the game is useless and vice versa. Being active means posting at least 3 times a day and being
on sfo when you can. Being inactive will get you banned and kicked out
of the clan!

You are responsible for coming to ALL of the clan meetings! make sure you are present at all times during a meeting. Also remember to be respectful and only talk
when you are asked during a meeting. DO NOT constantly interrupt during
the meetings. It is rude and only makes the meeting complicated and

Respect people in the clan and on sfo, don't go around being foolish and starting trouble with everyone. I will be watching as much as possible remember that. You will be
kicked from the clan and banned if you make us look bad in anyway.
Respect the mods and admins or you will get banned. Period. this means all the other group members as well.

No false statements are to be made on the forum or sfo about ink. this
means no declaring war on another clan or trying to make moves that you
know isn't your responsiblity or in your power to do. Basically, trying
to run things.

Always remember to rep ink and back up your fellow members if they need help on sfo!

Don't run from fights, being active doesn't mean just sitting in the
chatroom all day. Join hosts and be active in everything!

Don't send me or any mod or admin useless messages because we will be
busy and will only respond to requests that are important. If you do
that you are slowing us down from doing our work and in turn that is
slowing us down from helping members with anything they need or tending
to the forum. First time is a warning in your inbox and second time
will result in you being banned.

Do not bug the admins and mods for *******. If you joined just because you
want to be sponsered then you don't need to be here. support ink don't
use/abuse it.
DO Not Ask for Colors from Admin Mods or any
other Sponsers for u can only will get a color if u are loyal to the
Clan and have at least 100 posts

Read the information on the forum before asking a question about something that is in plain site. It saves time.

NO laziness. this basically means that if you don't carry your own
weight, we won't. Which will lead to you eventually getting kicked out
the clan. ( this shouldn't have to be explained so no questions in my
pm about it

17.)NO more than 2 sigs.. per member if so you'll be warn the 1st time but be sure that the 2nd time will put you on death road.. having more that two sigs.. put only on the forum and cuz it to run slow and i dont want that if you want comment on your sigs.. please take it over to the (Ink) Clan gallery thats why its there..

18). Once you join the clan, you most only be seeing in an "Ink" name or unless you have been giving permission to use a name other than your "Ink" clan name, seeing on sfo and or an sfo forum without your clan name will get you ban and or kicked from the clan roster...


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Ink/OG Clan Rules!
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